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Create a show-stopping stand for exhibition success


Shell scheme

Gives you more time to focus on organising
other aspects of your exhibition, as we take
care of your stand’s structure for you. We’ll provide the carpet, walls and a fascia
board, and you’ll just need to add the
finishing touches.




Space only

A fantastic way to make your brand stand out and attract passers-by. Use the space creatively to show off your brand’s personality and create something truly unique.

We’ve seen a lot of stands and have great
knowledge of what really works, so feel free
to ask us if you need advice.



Finding a space-only

You have full access to GES, our official contractor:
– their contact details are in the exhibitor manual.
A dedicated project manager from their Design
& Build team will work closely with you to
understand your objectives, and they’ll then build
a bespoke stand solution that will be a true
reflection of your brand. Alternatively, you’re
welcome to source your own supplier.

Stand elements to consider


  •  Get noticed amongst the crowd and attract lots of visitors to your stand by using eye-catching signage.
  • Keep it simple. Many visitors will glance at your stand as they walk past. A snappy sentence summing up what your company offers gives them enough information to want to know more; a lengthy paragraph will be likely to make them walk past.
  • Icons should be used in the place of text
if they enable you to say the same thing.

Remember: Make it visually clear who you
are; visitors shouldn’t have to look up at
your fascia board to find out.


Human interaction – how to hook people in

  •  Encourage prospects to come and talk to
you; a warm smile, unfolded arms and eye
contact are three key ways to give an instant
impression of approachability. It’s not just
about what your stand looks like; it’s about
how you and your team appear too.
  •  Add extra touches that will make your stand attractive; think air fresheners, fresh flowers, and anything else that’ll make your environment more pleasant and welcoming for visitors.

Remember: It’s important not to waste your
graphics by blocking them. Make sure that
you and your team aren’t obscuring the view
of your banners.


Samples and information

Entice people to seek you out by thinking about which senses you can utilise when designing your stand.

For example, two catering companies had
stands right next to each other. One had an
aromatic popcorn machine on the go, which
visitors could smell from across the hall. The
other just had a selection of leaflets.

Needless to say, the company with the popcorn machine enjoyed a huge footfall to their stand.

Remember: People love to test products before they buy, so keep samples, brochures and merchandise within easy reach on your stand. Although it may be tempting to place them towards the back so that the visitors walk through your stand, the nearer they are to the aisle, the more chance of visitors picking them up.


Think about running a competition on your
stand that’s not only exciting and engaging for your visitors, but also shows a clear link to your brand’s key values. E.g. to show your company’s focus on precision, have a game console or deck your stand out with games that highlight complementing themes, such as archery or golf. This is a great way to boost brand awareness and attract a huge footfall to your stand.



Construction and layout

Thousands of visitors will be using the aisles
– so make sure you have signage that’s easy
for prospects to spot as they walk through.
Pop-up stands and boards are ideal to place
perpendicular to the aisle or at a 45° angle on the corner of your stand. This way you’re not obscuring the view of your stand in any way, and the audience will see who you are and what you’re about before they even reach you.

Remember: Having a simple stand gives your signage room to be noticed by visitors, and a spacious layout gives ample space for crowds to gather.


Encourage visitor interaction and provide
a great user experience by utilising touchscreen technology. With more and more digital advertisements popping up at bus stops, in shops and hotels, it’s becoming popular to opt for moving-image media at exhibitions too. Make the screens illustrative of what you offer, and keep your content simple yet engaging.

Remember: Screens are becoming the norm, but they’re still exciting. Once one person starts watching, others tend to join.





Who are Ascential assist?

Ascential Assist are a dedicated team of customer service representatives devoted to helping our exhibitors with their questions or queries in order to get the most out of their Ascential show experience.

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