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Promote your attendance at the show early on to create excitement about your stand and attract visitors before they walk through the doors.

  • Telling prospects about giveaways, competitions, offers, talks and other on-stand attractions in advance will help drive footfall.
  • Use social media to increase the reach of your message using event specific hashtags. Take a look at the Promoting Your Presence at the Show guide where this aspect is explained in more detail.
  • Use your stand as a platform for a special announcement or celebration, e.g. a new product launch, winning your 100th customer, 5 years in business.
  • Invite relevant industry/local press to attend along with existing customers and prospects. This will create a buzz of excitement around your stand, and will encourage crowds to gather.
  • Brief everyone on your stand on why you are exhibiting and what you expect of them individually.
  • Your stand is your stage, so get your team to rehearse striking up conversations with prospects, and discuss how you can get them interested in what you have to show.
  • Monitor the number of conversations and leads being generated, and set realistic targets for your team.
  • Break each target down into daily or hourly numbers.
  • If leads can be converted to a sale at the show, make it easy and effortless to do so. Consider creating a separate area of the stand where you can close deals and complete paperwork privately.


Start each day with a team talk to see how the team is performing and if any additional support is needed.

  • Adjust your targets as necessary in line with the per formance on the previous day.
  • Make sure your team is always ‘in the zone’, so that they present a consistently professional and positive image.
  • In-team chatting should be kept to a minimum, so that stand visitors can have your undivided attention.
  • Phones should be reserved for emergencies only, to give a sense of approachability on your stand.
  • Organising the stand should be done before and after the show, or at quiet times, so your visitors aren’t accidentally ignored.
  • Agree breaks in advance to prevent discussions in front of prospects. But be flexible depending on stand traffic.
  • Keep note of new contacts to easily understand each prospect’s readiness to buy when following up. For conversations that do not progress to a sale, use a simple form to capture key information after your conversation. Include:

    >> Name, job title and contact details (attach a business card if they have one).
    >> Role in the buying process.
    >> Buying cycle – what do they tend to buy, at what time of the year, and in what volume?
    >> Lead score – cold/warm/hot, along with 1 or 2 sentences explaining why.

TIP: You can save time and effort in keeping track of your leads by using scanner-based technology.

We understand how daunting a pile of business cards can be when you get back from a show, so we’ve partnered with N200 l GES – whose technology
captures sales leads in real time – to make things easier when you follow up after the event. You can effortlessly capture and rate your leads by simply
scanning their badge, allowing you to implement segmented follow-up and lead-nurturing strategies.


Follow up with personalised communications, and turn interest into revenue.

  • Make the most of every single lead.
  • As soon as possible after the show, prioritise and segment your leads by:

    >> Level of qualified interest expressed at the show.
    >> Potential order size/value.
    >> Requests for fur ther information.
    >> Press enquiries.
  • Staying in ‘sales mode’ after the event is critical in converting leads into customers.

    >> Always remember to treat every prospect as an individual – resist the temptation to send generic blanket emails.
  • Personalising each communication will undoubtedly take longer, but it will have far more impact. Wherever possible, link your message to something about
    them that you learned at the show.
  • Arrange face-to-face meetings with your hottest prospects as soon as possible

    >> Really get to know your customer. Learn as much as you can about them and their business to find a good reason why your product will help them meet their objectives.

Follow up with personalised communications, and turn interest into revenue.

  • Look on their website and use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to find out more about the business and the person.
  • It’s wor th remembering that at this stage you are selling a meeting, not your product. So look out for a ‘trigger’ to contact them. Find something relevant
    to their market (a news item, an article, etc.) and use this to show your genuine interest in their business.
  • Finding a way to highlight how your product can help them achieve their goals is a good hook to secure a meeting. Then, develop a series of questions that demonstrate that you have given serious thought to their business since you met at the show.

If a meeting with a lead doesn’t result in a sale, remember that a “no” today might be a “yes”next time around:

  • Ask questions to understand why they aren’t ready to buy, and whether there are objections that can be overcome. For example, is it timing, product, pricing, or something else?
  • Agree with them the most appropriate course of action and when your next contact will be.

Connect on social media

  • Link up with your new contac ts on every social networking platform you both use.
  • Then turn your at tention back to your stand by uploading photos and videos that you took at the show, and invite your audience to discuss how they found the event. This is a great way to start creating excitement around your next exhibition.

Hold a debrief with your team straight after the show to start planning for your next performance.

Assess how well the show met your objectives:

  • What went well?
  • What didn’t?
  • What did you see other exhibitors doing?
  • What did you see other exhibitors doing?

Rebook your stand to continue your success.

  • Rebooking early for the next show has major benefits for your business – from increased leverage of any pre-show PR and marketing activity through to securing the optimum stand location.




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